On the night of Nov. 28, 2016, terrible wildfires affected the Great Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg, TN.  Over 250 homes were destroyed and 14 people lost their lives.

All royalties from the sales of Kasey Riley's current novels (see below) that sell through Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com will be sent to the Dollywood Foundations My People Fund until August 2017!

July 2015 - August Fire by Kasey Riley

August FireSparks fly…
The day that Stephanie and Doyle meet, circumstances fight against romance. She thinks him rude, crude, and bossy and while he loves her long legs, he thinks she seems snobbish and cold. However, he feels she has interesting possibilities and she thinks he is a sexy hunk.

Danger unites…
Surviving the arsonist set rangeland fire together ignites the passions each has been ignoring. The rugged high desert and mountains of Colorado set the scene for adventure, danger and fiery passions. Can they stay ahead of the arsonist and develop a solid relationship in the bright light of day?

Growing trust in the face of adversity, just how strong is this new relationship. Can each of them get beyond past betrayals and pain? Will the final chapter be a wedding, or a fond farewell?

August 2014 - Skeleton Trail by Kasey Riley

Skeleton TrailA long forgotten corpse…
Discovered by Bethany and Megan, the mummified body, located in a National Forest; brings FBI forensic specialist David Harrison to remote Riverview, Colorado.

Bullets fly…
Bullets and a blizzard force Kam and David to seek shelter and spend the night in an abandoned cabin where they discover evidence about murder, extortion and blackmail from the 1930’s.

Mysteries and romance…
As romance develops between the couple, they discover the connections. Together, Kam and David experience danger and pain, and finally a murder attempt against Kam. Can David save her before it’s too late? Will the shared danger help them to build a lasting relationship, or will the secrets between them keep them apart?

September 2013 - Desperate Endurance by Kasey Riley

Desperate EnduranceWrong place, wrong time… A chance encounter in a highway rest area makes shy, drab Bethany witness to a murder. Before dying the victim begs her to get documents from his Post Office box to his son, Roger. Can she manage to do as he asks? Does she have the needed courage to change her looks and hide in plain sight while accomplishing this task? Roger Meadows has spent five years mourning the loss of his young wife. Now, there’s a new woman working at the Co-Op. She makes him smile and soon he realizes she needs his protection. From whom he doesn’t know, but he’s determined to discover who is after this red headed pixie. Together Bethany and Roger face danger while sorting through the evidence and working to discover the identity of the mastermind behind the murder of his father.

Will the danger they share help them to create a lasting relationship? Can they stay ahead of the villain? This novel is not only a mystery with a shade of romance, it is a look into the world of endurance riding and racing, horse care, the spirit of the sport and the values of small town and rural America. The close knit feel of Riverview and the citizens who know and care about neighbors, old and new, reveal how things should be in all towns, not just small ones.

January 2014 - Carlene's Discovery by Essie Grant

Carlene's DiscoveryHot read for a cold night! Betrayed and deceived…
Learning that her marriage was only to cover her husband's homosexuality. Carlene loses her self-confidence and self-respect.

Feeling ugly and distinctly unfeminine, Carlene sets out to prove to herself and others that she is a sexy, sensuous, and feminine woman. Regardless of her straight laced upbringing, she finds herself seeking random sexual encounters just to see the lust for her body on the faces of the men. Even George, who she's known since her thirteenth summer, is no longer immune to her charms. His interest is different, he knows her and understands her pain and the fragile state of her emotions even while he can’t resist her new look and attitude.

Can Carlene turn her life around and save the budding relationship between her and George? Does she want to? How much should she reveal to him about the past, and how will the revelation affect their future? Is confession good for both parties?

This work follows a woman struggling to find herself. Carlene is also struggling to find what we all want, love. Can she find what she seeks or has she ruined all of her chances by reckless behavior?  Caution: This book contains scenes not suggested for those under 18.

Great Quotes on Writing

"It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I was too famous."
- Robert Benchley

"I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners. The architects plan everything ahead of time, like an architect building a house. They know how many rooms are going to be in the house, what kind of roof they're going to have, where the wires are going to run, what kind of plumbing there's going to be. They have the whole thing designed and blueprinted out before they even nail the first board up. The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed and water it. They kind of know what seed it is, they know if planted a fantasy seed or mystery seed or whatever. But as the plant comes up and they water it, they don't know how many branches it's going to have, they find out as it grows. And I'm much more a gardener than an architect."
- George R.R. Martin

"I realize that some of you may have come in hopes of hearing tips on how to become a professional writer. I say to you, "If you really want to hurt your parents, and you don't have the nerve to be a homosexual, the least you can do is go into the arts. But do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites, standing for absolutely nothing. All they do is show you've been to college."
- Kurt Vonnegut

The first draft of anything is shit.
- Ernest Hemingway

"And what, you ask, does writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right."
- Ray Bradbury

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