Wrong place, wrong time. If the sun hadn’t been blinding her as she drove, if she’d left the Indian Territory 50 ride camp on Saturday after the ride, if she wasn’t set on completing rides in each region of the AERC, hell – if she hadn’t divorced Bobby; any one of these possibilities and she would have missed witnessing the murder of Richard Meadows. But then, she would have missed meeting his son Roger. She also would have missed enduring the rudeness of Samuel Cole, the kidnapping attempts and the final race to town.

Was all the fear, running and pain worth meeting a strong, tender man? Damn straight it was. Bethany knows she’d go through it all again for the possibility of finding love. During the year following her divorce from her controlling and cheating husband, Bethany competes across the nation in her favorite sport of Endurance racing where she finds freedom and peace. She adopts the persona of a sassy redhead when running for her life. This journey of self-discovery leads her to Riverview and Roger.

The story leads the reader through small town America, and the close knit of people who live there. The story also covers endurance racing and the camaraderie of those who spend long hours competing with one another and against the challenges of the trail. The trail is open for adventure and the chance of finding love.

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