Thanks to a hair-raising rescue by James Woods in the first book of the Do Not Assume trilogy, Nicoleta has stayed ahead of her genetic history. But now, she and James must think about more than themselves. Smuggling Nicoleta's half-siblings out of Romania and into the United States isn't going to be easy, but the innocent must be protected and must be hidden from those who would want to use them.

George calls, begging for their assistance. They can't refuse the man who saved them in Serbia, but the forces of nature are bearing down upon them. Can Nicoleta and her group make their way into the USA? Will James ever propose properly? Can a makeover and a name change hide Nicoleta and James from those who want to recapture Nicoleta and her siblings? All she wants is a safe place to call home. Anna and John Wilson plan to hide in plain sight if they find the right location.

It's strongly suggested you read Do Not Assume before you begin this novel.

Print Length: 380 pages
Publisher: Alternate Elements LLC
Publication Date: June 10, 2020
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
BISAC: Fiction / Romance / Suspense

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