How safe are genetic tests? DNA tests cover everything from parentage to aging speed. Who has access to those millions test results?

Orphaned shortly after birth, adopted in her eleventh summer by a nurturing couple, Nicoleta always wondered about her ancestry. Her fathers give her a precious gift of information at her college graduation. A report about how she became an orphan and a DNA test kit. Finally, she might learn about her genetic heritage. About the origins of her mysterious parents who gave her emphatic and other special abilities.

After weeks of job-hunting, she lands the perfect job. Media Specialist for a newly acquired small chain of hotels in Europe. She sets off for Germany with her new boss and his crew. Europe can be dangerous for the very rich and the Foxboroughs rank at the top.

James Woodruff, head of security, soon realizes someone wants Nicoleta. Why? First she’s involved in a suspicious crash while shopping and then there are men trying to kidnap her. Who is after this beautiful Media Specialist? How far will these people go to capture her?

James and Nicoleta begin an arduous journey across Romania, trying to stay ahead of the kidnappers and her father’s clan who feel Nicoleta belongs to them. Knowing she needs to ensure the safety of her bloodline, Nicoleta plots how to take down her enemies. Will James and his team be on her side, or can she expect to execute this mission on her own?

August 15th, 2017
Solstice Publishing

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