Bethany and Roger Meadows plan for a bright future, a guest camp and pack station that will cater to horse owners and adventure campers. The campgrounds, cabins, stables, and pavilion are ready, but there are no trails for the guests to explore.

Found by Bethany and Megan as they mark new trails into the National Forest, the mummified corpse brings FBI forensic specialist David Harrison to Riverview.

Led into the wilderness by Kam and Megan, Agent Harrison finds his protective instincts in overdrive when bullets start flying. While they sit out an early winter storm in an abandoned cabin, he discovers he shares a similar heritage and many experiences with the cute nurse.

In the wall of the cabin, evidence they discover links the murder to other crimes of the past. Everything from blackmail, to arson and murder attempts link the body to some of the current residents of Riverview.

David and Kam grow closer with each new danger, coming to appreciate each other’s strengths. Will they find a way to become a lasting couple, or will her past interfere with their future?

This book, like the first Riverview mystery, Desperate Endurance, shows the values and cohesiveness of small town and rural America. People are willing to help each other and sacrifice as needed to keep each other safe in a very rugged and unforgiving land.

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